Plana series

Each group delivers up to 150 ml per minute, at a constant temperature, without any time limit, allowing it to meet all the needs, even the most crowded ones.

The infusion temperature can be set from 83 to 95 ° C and can be reached in a few seconds. Each group can work at a different temperature, so they are excellent coffee machines for very good products or tastings.

Plana has an easy and intuitive, each group comes with a TFT LCD color display with touch screen.

The groups only heat up the water needed for each coffee (25ml), keeping the consumption within minimal levels.

The steam and hot water group has been integrated into a very compact design.

The steam unit has a volume of about 1 liter and it is possible to change the working pressure by obtaining a steam more or less humid.

The hot water group is directly connected to the water network. The volume of this group is 500cc. Each extraction is done by using pure water, this prevents water stagnation and the 500cc of water are not in contact with the electrical resistance. This system allows the use of water that does not detect any alterations in hygiene and health.

The modular construction facilitates all maintenance operations and the modules are interchangeable and extremely accessible parts.

Three coffee machine models tailored for you:


Coffee machine one dispenser

The Plana coffee machine with one dispenser and a water vapor group is ideal for small environments such as home and office, not too bulky perfect for a personalized coffee-break.


Coffee machine two dispensers

The Plana coffee machine with two dispensers and two water vapor groups is ideal for small business activities with a low customer flow, not too bulky to provide customers with a customizable coffee.


Coffee machine three dispensers

The Plana coffee machine with three dispensers and three water vapor groups is ideal for large companies such as bars, restaurants, hotels, perfect for serving the customer with customizable and high quality coffee.

Find out now the technical features of Plana

Technical features:

Power supply: 220V single phase

Coffee dispensers: n. 1/2/3/ autonomus

Steam / water groups: n. 1 autonomous (for versions 2/3 groups)

Command display: Display LCD TFT color touch screen 4.3" display

Commands: Interattivo tramite touch screen

Network connectivity: Wireless WiFi and IoT ready on request

Patented Coffee group:

Infusion temperature: Adjustable from 83 to 95 ° C for single group

Dispensing doses: n. 6 can be set for single group

Power up: Independent for single group

First dispensing: Within 5 'from power up

Working mode: Manual or automatic for single group

Heat delivery stability: Within 1°

Consuming on hold: 50 W/h for group switched on without boiling coffee

Patented Steam / hot water unit:

Boiler pressure control: Adjustable from 2 to 6 Atm.

Steaming dosage: Linear adjustable with proportional valve

Power up: Indipendent

First dispensing: Eithin 15’ from power up

Consuming on hold: 120W/h

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